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Integration System

Integrator is a multimedia system integrated with the operating room and hospital IT platforms, it is also an intuitive application package for recording video sequences.

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Operating lamps

Lamps provide precise light wherever it is necessary. The homogeneous nature of the light increases the surgeon’s comfort in every place of the large operating field.

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Medical furniture

The furniture is made of high quality materials and in a way that allows easy cleaning and disinfection. The size of the furniture can be adapted to the needs of the user.

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Operational Tables

Operating tables with various accessory configurations for all surgical specialties and applications.

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Klaromed is a Polish company founded in 2011. We manufacture and offer modern medical equipment. Klaromed produces and sells high-class medical equipment and appliances such as operating tables, operating lamps, operating theater integration system and specialized medical furniture. We provide comprehensive equipment for hospitals, including operating theaters. Our mission is to provide hospitals with the best and comprehensive solutions that facilitate the work of medical staff and help patients. In summary, we are strongly goal-oriented and on the latest technological solutions in the medical equipment industry.

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