Lamp plusLED 56



56 pieces of high-performance, fifth-generation LEDs are used for optimal illumination of various types of tissue. Each lighting element, thanks to the use of a multifaceted reflector, produces a homogeneous beam of light that overlaps with other beams produced by neighboring elements creating a homogeneous light oil, optimal for various surgical procedures.

The thoughtful and compact design of the luminaire guarantees excellent light and ensures a modern, highly functional and aesthetic appearance of the lamp. The innovative solution of the sterile handle used in the lamp enables the surgeon to precisely control the light parameters. The regulation of the light intensity of the lamp and the diameter of the operating field takes place from a single sterile place.

The non-sterile handle with a monolithic construction with a lamp holder is easy to keep clean, which increases the hygienic values ​​of the lamp. Cool light with a low infrared contribution eliminates the problem of heating the area within the surgeon’s head giving a stable working environment, unchanged during long-term surgical procedures. The reduced effect of heating through the lamp’s shell has a positive effect on the cooperation with laminar flow.