Lamp plusLED 96



The plusLED 96 operating light uses the new fifth generation LED technology to create a large operating field with a diameter of 30 cm, while maintaining maximum light intensity and minimal temperature increase. Multifait headlamps emit perfect white light with 96 LEDs, which gives a high shadow effect and gives light the opportunity to illuminate deep operating fields.

Multi-reflector structure additionally enhances this effect, keeping the lighting level constant regardless of the size of the operating field.

The lamp has been equipped with an innovative sterile handle that gives the surgeon full control over the light parameters of the lamp. Without touching anything but a precise sterile handle, the surgeon can change the diameter of the operating field and the light intensity.

The non-sterile handles surrounding the lamp holder are a monolithic structure with the body, which ensures perfect cleanliness. Smooth transitions and slim shape of the luminaire additionally increase the comfort of use.

Easy maneuvering, easy operation of the lamp bowl and a multitude of options such as AMBIENT lighting or innovative two-camera TV system and the ability to create any sets in combination with monitors
flat and arms for accessories create an optimized product
for current operational teams.