The day-to-day work of managers and the management of operating blocks can become efficient through optimal use of rooms on an ongoing basis for operations and operations using the INTEGRATOR system!

Integrated operating room system INTEGRATOR

The INTEGRATOR integrated operating room system is a reliable system supporting operation of the operating block developed by a specialized team of engineers. The system integrates medical devices in the operating room and communicates with internal hospital systems HIS, RIS / PACS. It allows the registration of surgery in the operating room through ceiling cameras and the camera operating light. The conference module enables free video communication and voice communication within the operating room.

Possibilities of Integration

Possibilities of Integration

Operating lamps

Remote control of the operating field light and the operating light camera from one place.

Image sources

Recording from any available video source in the operating room IP cameras, operating lamp cameras, endoscopic sets. Supports all video standards.

Medical monitors

Displaying the image on medical monitors located in the operating room or supplied in the kit.

Control of the operating room resources

The ability to control laminar flow, air conditioning system, general lighting, doors and blinds.

Presentation film

Basic functionalities and features of the INTEGRATOR system

  • Video signal routing within the operating room
  • Support for 4K standard
  • Provide video without delay
  • Recording images from medical devices (eg camera in a lamp, laparoscope)
  • Integration with HIS, RIS / PACS information systems
  • The system is equipped with a radiological browser supporting the DICOM standard
  • Export of video recordings: PACS, server, PENDRIVE, DVD
  • Data of the current patient displayed in the header
  • Information about voice communication in the operating room - message with the "ON AIR" lamp
  • Non-contact control for sterile use
  • Transmission of image and sound from the operating room
  • Live broadcast using FullHD resolution via Ethernet
  • Voice communication between the rooms as well as the didactic room
  • The possibility of displaying endoscopic light on the monitor
  • The ability to play music from portable devices, network drive or radio
  • Monitoring of medical gas installation parameters, temperature in the operating room
  • Control of laminar flow, air conditioning system, general lighting
  • References - implementations of the INTEGRATOR system

    Id Customer Quantity
    1 Piekarskie Centrum Medyczne Sp. z o.o., Szpitalna 11, 41-940 Piekary Śląskie 3
    2 Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wroclaw, ul. H. M. Kamieńskiego 73A, 51-124 Wrocław 5
    3 Provincial Specialist Children's Hospital in Olsztyn, Żołnierska 18a, 10-561 Olsztyn 12
    4 Provincial Specialist Hospital No. 5 St. Barbary, plac Medyków 1, 41-200 Sosnowiec 4
    5 HAHS - Clinic of Implantology and Orthodontics, Czwartaków 3, 70-774 Szczecin 2
    6 Specialist Hospital Józef Dietl, Skarbowa 4, 31-121 Kraków 4
    7 HT Labor + Hospitaltechnik AG, Rambacher Str. 2, 91180 Heideck, Niemcy 1
    8 University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Michała Oczapowskiego 2, 10-001 Olsztyn 2
    9 Vratislavia Medica, Hospital St. John Paul II, Lekarska 1, 51-134 Wrocław 2
    10 Provincial Specialist Hospital in Lublin, Aleja Kraśnicka 100, 20-718 Lublin 1
    11 Specialist Western Hospital John Paul II in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Daleka 11, 05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki 5
    12 Specialist Provincial Hospital in Ciechanów, Powstańców Wielkopolskich 2, 06-400 Ciechanów 7

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