Carts and shower panels


Shower cartswozek prysznicowy shado

Shower trolleys are designed for patients in hospitals and long-term care centers. Designed for transporting patients with beds to the bathroom and for bathing in a lying position. TR shower trolleys have a unique column mounting system that allows the bed to “overlap” and securely translate the patient. The trolley guarantees the possibility of foot wozek prysznicowy tr2000control all functions – height adjustment, central brake and blockade for straight-ahead driving. The unique option of fully lowered barriers allows you to safely move the patient from and to the bed. After locking the wheels, lowering the barriers, it is easy, safe and very comfortable for the patient to put it on the mattress of the trolley. All wands enable standardization of the Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg position, allowing the patient to be placed head-on or away.


Shower panelsShower panels

The TR 2810 shower panel has a thermostatic mixer for baths, as well as shower valves and a cleaning system. This system is powered by cold and hot water. The panel has a built-in detergent container for washing and disinfecting the trolley. TR shower trolleys make it easy to wash and transport the patient. In combination with the TR 2810 panel, they form an integrated shower system.