Columns and power bridges


Columns and power bridges

Power bridges have been designed to increase the efficiency in the field of medical care in the Intensive Care Departments, Recovery Rooms and Operating Blocks. Thanks to the “lifting” of devices and medical equipment above the floor, a higher level of hygiene, improved access to the patient, and increased ease of use of the surrounding equipment are assured. Various types of movable support elements, which can be moved along beams through rails and variously configured with each other, enable flexible adjustment of the work station in terms of its type and characteristics. Beams enable ergonomic arrangement of medical gas intake connections, electrical and teleinformation sockets, and integrated lighting increases work comfort. The heads and load-bearing columns available in the system allow placing additional connections outside the bridge beams.

The system modules connected with each other enable creation of various types of linear variants and bridges in the shape of letters “I”, “L”, “U” and “O”. Corners, like beams, are equipped with rails, which allows you to set up trolleys in any position along the entire bridge. The location, type and amount of electrical equipment and medical gas collection points are adjusted each time to the individual needs of users.

At the user’s request, we adapt other arrangements of bridges, consoles and their accessories and accessories.





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