Gel mattresses and anti-bedsores



Gel mattresses and anti-bedsores
Studies show that a strong pressure for a short time and less intense but lasting over a long period of time cause a similar risk of skin damage. Some argue that there is no evidence of a relationship between the pressure value of 32 mmHg (millimeters of mercury – pressure unit) and the susceptibility to the formation of pressure ulcers. We see the positive results of using polymer primers and gel positioners. All of our foundations and positioners allow you to lower the surface pressure pressure to 32 mmHg and to much lower.

We offer :

  • Anti-bedsore gel mattresses
  • Antidiarrone heel support
  • Anti-bedsore under-elbow pad
  • Anti-bedsore pad for toilet seat
  • Anti-bedsore head cushion


  • They reduce tissue pressure by as much as 5.5 times – preventing damage to nerves, tissues and the formation of pressure sores
  • They provide the patient with a comfortable body support and even pressure distribution on the patient’s support points
  • They improve the air circulation
  • They do not cause irritation in contact with the skin and can be used in allergy sufferers
  • They do not absorb sweat, odors or body fluids
  • They are easy to clean and disinfect
  • The gel does not spill in case of damage