KlaroFoG – decontamination with 12% hydrogen peroxide


  • Possibility of decontamination of rooms with a volume of up to 400 m.
  • The active substance is dosed automatically.
  • Medium diffusion time approx. 4 m/min.
  • The highest possible level of microbiological protection of medical facilities. Documented biocidal effectiveness: fungi, viruses, bacteria, spores. Reduction of microorganisms at the level of 6 Log.
  • Compatibility of the active agent allowing for decontamination of rooms including furniture, apparatus, electronic equipment, LCD/LED screens, electrical installations.
  • After the decontamination process, there are no residues of toxic substances, sediments, liquids.
  • Electronic tracking and archiving of the history of the entire process (possibility of printing on a peripheral device).
  • The ability to connect via the device’s built-in Wi-Fi and LAN module with peripheral devices allows you to track individual phases of the process and control it from outside the decontaminated room.
  • Ability to remember operators for easy identification.
  • Logging in using an RFID key and a PIN code eliminates the possibility of operating the device by unauthorized and untrained persons.
  • Possibility of automation with a disinfection chamber.