Lamp plusLED 24 ECO


Thanks to the excellent lighting quality and exceptional energy efficiency, the use of LEDs as a light source in medical lamps is becoming more and more common. In comparison to traditional lighting, the light emitted by the diodes has a number of technological, economic and ecological advantages, such as low emission
heat, minimal energy consumption and an almost unlimited period of use.

Low power consumption and durability of diodes minimize the negative impact of this type of devices on the resources of our valuable natural environment. Diagnostic and treatment lamps plusLED 24 ECO is the latest solution, designed especially for customers looking for high quality at a reasonable price. Lamps provide precise light wherever it is needed. Their basic task is to accurately reproduce the spectrum of colors of the examined tissues.

The delicate and precise lampplusLED ECO light provides the doctor with comfortable working conditions and is friendly to his eyesight.

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