Polyester transport carriers


Polyester sacks designed for transporting patients in a sitting position. They can be in the version with head support or without or softly padded. The breathable fiber from which the sling is made allows for longer contact with the patient’s body.

Toilet bags

Toilet slippers make it easy to undress the patient and use the toilet, and significantly improve the changing of diapers and other hygienic treatments.

  • Specially adapted for patients with multi-organ dysfunction or patients with spine stabilizing patches
  • Easy putting on and taking off
  • Head support
  • Polyester bathing slings

    Quick-drying slings made of water-permeable mesh ensure comfort and safety during bathing. They are available in the version with head support and without support.

    Vinyl slings

    Vinyl transport and toilet carriers, waterproof, easy to clean. Easy to put on and take off. Cleaning and disinfection can be done by spraying or dipping in a bactericidal, virucidal and fungicide preparation. Additional comfort is provided by the hydrophobic foam.