Poweo 130 mobile lift


Poweo 130

A light foldable lift Poweo 130 with a lifting capacity of up to 130 kg is dedicated to long-term care facilities and for use in the patient’s home. It significantly facilitates the lifting of patients, while at the same time providing comfort to the caregivers. It ensures the safety and convenience of carrying, regardless of the degree of disability or physical limitations of the patient. Technical parameters:

• Carrying capacity: 130 kg
• Extremely easy to use
• Raises the patient from the floor
• Has an emergency lowering: mechanical and electrical
• Mechanical expansion of the ride base
• Folded for transport
• Specially lowered travel base facilitates driving under a wheelchair, bed or bathtub
• A very wide range of slings adapted to all types of disabilities
• Battery and charger integrated with lift Poweo® 130 is available in two versions:
• standard intended for domestic use
• version dedicated to care

Poweo 150/200

Poweo 150 lifts (up to 150 kg) and Poweo 200 (up to 200 kg) have been designed for use in hospitals and long-term care centers. They provide comfort to patients during lifting and transporting from a bed to a wheelchair, to a transport trolley, to the toilet, to a bathtub, to a mattress in a rehabilitation room, etc. Thanks to a light but strong structure, they are easy to drive and maneuver. The nurse / carer can easily overdo the patient by himself. A large selection of carriers: transport, bath and toilet carriers ensures versatility in the use of lifts. The slings can be supported with the head and soft-padded under the thighs.

Features aerial :
• extremely easy to maneuver
• electric height adjustment and extension of the ride base from the remote control
• battery power supply (removable or integrated)
• emergency lowering: mechanical and electrical
• on request: medical weight
• on request: low chassis with a height of less than 7 cm
Podnośnik Poweo 200 can be equipped with a 4-point handle with variable inclination – from sitting to lying – controlled from the remote control. This is a very convenient function. After the lifts Poweo 150 and 200 you can also use stretchers or elastic stretchers, which allow patients to be transported in a lying position (eg on an ICU or on orthopedics)