Schaerer® arcus



Schaerer Medical AG has been a recognized producer of mobile operating tables for over 100 years.

The new line of mobile operating tables schaerer® arcus includes 3 table models that can be used in all surgical specialties,

The ergonomics and functionality of the schaerer® arcus mobile operating tables optimally meet the requirements for effective and safe operation. The ease of use of the schaerer® arcus tables and the high level of patient safety guaranteed by them set high standards in everyday work.

Operating tables schaerer® arcus are designed for high loads and provide a wide range of adjustments. The technology of making the so-called schaerer® arcus mattresses used in the tables, increasing the contact surface of the patient’s body, guarantees a reduction of the pressure force by up to 50%.

The table equipment program offers a wide range of accessories for all specialties and applications, and is constantly being expanded to allow each surgical procedure.

More information about schaerer® arcus 501 – 701 tables: Here