Slides and sliding mattresses


Slippery and other lifting aids

The slides are used to move the patient in bed, change his position. They are made of thin, slippery material in the form of a sleeve. They do not absorb water and can be easily washed and disinfected. Significantly reduce resistance when moving. They come in different sizes.

Maxitrans®, Meditrans®, Minitrans® sliding mattresses

They are soft mattresses reminiscent of patches, but much more delicate. They are also used to move the patient in bed and transport bed, but are intended for patients with back pain or painful wounds.

Trans’Gliss® sliding board
The patient transfer system in the form of a slideboard for safe moving the patient lying flat from the bed to a transport, bath or operating table.

The sliding board consists of:

rigid, soft, non-absorbable, homogeneous, without bearings and other metal elements, with sewn handle at both ends for easy transfer or suspension,
soft, elastic cuff, fully synthetic, very slippery, in the form of a sleeve surrounding a rigid undercoat, removable, removable, easy to clean and disinfect, in red.

Sliding boards are available in various sizes and in a non-folded and folded version for easier storage and handling. The sliding board has the ability to quickly replace the cuff or put on a special disposable cuff for bleeding or secretion patients. The sliding board is adapted for cleaning and disinfection.