Universal operating table Syriusz



Advantages of the operating table SYRIUSZ:

  • 5-6 sections operating table made of stainless and acid-resistant steel
  • Seamless anti-bedsore mattresses, antistatic, antibacterial silver ion
  • 2 control systems guarantee high reliability and failure-free operation:
    • Electro-hydraulic – regulated by a remote control
    • Mechanical-hydraulic – regulated by a foot pump
  • Full and intuitive control by remote control, side panel, foot pump
  • Safe working mode – 250 kg
  • Intuitive full control via the remote control
  • A wide range of accessories in the basic version
  • Warranty 24 months

Product features:

  • Maximum safety – 2 control systems, the ability to control from 3 levels:
    • remote control, side panel, foot pump
  • Stability – the table is placed on 4 retractable feet
  • X-ray translucent on the entire length of the table top
  • Full cooperation with the C-Arm
  • Modular operating table top
  • Additional equipment kits will enable a full range of surgical procedures to be performed

Technical data for Syriusz:

Trendelenburg / anty Trendelenburg± 30˚
Table top lateral tilt± 20˚
Dorsal section tilt (up/down), not less than+ 75˚ / -45˚
Leg section tilt (up/down), not less than+ 30˚ / -90˚
Head section tilt (up/down), not less than+ 30˚ / -35˚
Table top longitudinal shift, not less than400 mm
Table safe working load, not less than250 kg
Dimensions2100 x 550 mm
Min. & max. table top height 660-1130 mm

To sum up: the Syriusz operating table is the perfect table for many applications.


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You can download Certificat TUV: KLAROMED_CR

Marketing folder: OT- SYRIUSZ