SENTER – transporter for patient transfer

SENTER is a unique transporter used to transport patients within the hospital, mainly in the operating theater. The Senter is especially useful wherever hospital staff deal with patients whose medical conditions or injuries prevent them from being lifted, lifted or supported. A unique product for transporting patients of the Polish company Klaromed.



Hospital transporter – Senter

  • SENTER is a unique product for fast, automatic patient transfer without use physical strength of medical personnel
  • SENTER is especially useful wherever hospital staff are dealing with patients whose diseases or injuries do not allow them to be lifted, lifted or supported, eg: fracture, spine injury, internal
    hemorrhage or require specific

Product features:

  • Electromechanical height adjustment and extension and retraction of the transfer plate
  • Easy handling when moving the patient
  • Reduced risk of patient and hospital staff injuries during transfer
  • Height adjustment to fit all common beds and tables
  • Central braking system that is blocked during patient transfer
  • Folding side rails to ensure patient safety during transport
  • Directional wheel and its own battery-powered drive system

Technical data: