Operating and treatment lamps plusLED



In order to meet the needs of modern surgery and each of its disciplines, we have created an innovative solution, which are operating lamps plusLED produced by Klaromed. They were created by Polish designers for even better comfort and ergonomics of the surgeon’s work. The main advantage of operating lamps pluLED is a dual-purpose central sterile handle that allows the operator to regulate not only the size of the light spot, but also its lighting intensity. This is a new trend in thinking about the ergonomics of the surgeon’s work while maintaining its sterile service zone. Operating lamps plusLED provide precise light wherever it is needed. The homogeneous nature of the light increases the surgeon’s comfort in every place of the large operating field. Operating lamps plusLED is characterized by a very low infrared IR emission towards the operating field.

Operating lamps and surgical plusLED perfectly reproduce colors with Ra at 96. The finest nuances of tissue color can be seen thanks to the R9 (red) color factor equal to 96. Accurate reproduction of the field color spectrum operational and red colors are necessary to ensure the work of the surgeon and the patient. The ratio R9 (red color) at level 96 makes it easier for surgeons to recognize details better. The color spectrum of the operating field is rendered in a natural way. The delicate and precise light of the plusLED operating lamp is friendly and very comfortable for the operator’s eyes. The white LEDs used in the construction of the lamp plusLED are fifth generation LEDs with an impressive 50,000 hour lifespan. Operating lamps plusLED are equipped with multi-faceted reflectors guaranteeing a homogeneous field of shadowless white light with warm colors.

The operating lamp plusLED casing is made entirely of light aluminum alloys. Unique in the world scale, ultra-thin and compact housing construction guarantees good cooperation with laminar flow and visually corresponds to current trends. Operating lamps plusLED were created in the era of the requirements of electronic patient records. They can be equipped with an innovative two-camera video transmission system that allows even better observation and registration of surgery. Thanks to this solution, image transmission from the operating field has no barriers while creating electronic patient records. Such innovative features of operating lamps plusLED allow to qualify them as one of the most modern operating lights in the world.